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We have a variety of options available to realize your vision.




2 HR. Video or Photoshoot.

We bring a very versatile high quality full frame 35mm 4k camera package to your location and shoot your content! Life gets busy and we are ready to shoot something impactful that doesn't intrude on your busy schedule.



4 HR. Video & Photoshoot.

This package includes our full camera and lighting kit for projects that you really want to stand out. More gear, more time and more content!



10 HR. Video & Photoshoot.

This is where we bring out all the tools at our disposal to make really impactful content. Perhaps you're a client that has a grand vision that takes time to execute? Maybe you have multiple locations you envision, or maybe you just want to shoot weeks worth of marketing content one day. 


This is our day rate for post production.

Most of our projects range from 2-4 days of post production.

 Some creative visions go beyond these rates and we would be excited to realize those ideas for you too!

Skys the limit!

All additional fees will be stated to the clients verbally and electronically prior to the start of the project. There is a travel fee for any projects outside of Orange County (fee's vary). There is also a fee for any extensive pre production, permits, casting of actors, location scouting etc. (fees vary)

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